Here’s what Hanson says we’ll be seeing in 2019: 1. Urban hotels charging resort fees: Last year was “a test year” for resort fees, Hanson said — and travelers (and the travel agents who book them) apparently failed the test. So, expect to see more hotels in cities, as well as resort destinations, tacking fees onto the final bill 2. More enforcement of cancellation fees: The big year for cancellation fees was 2016, when most hotels went to two days out, but many still leave enforcement up to the individual property. “I think enforcement will slowly increase, though there are few more offensive acts to a guest than saying, ‘Sorry, we don’t care about your personal life or your work schedule.’” 3. Lower guest acquisition costs through direct booking: After years of losing bookings to online travel agencies (OTAs), in 2017 hotels finally took back a couple of points. Expect to see more direct marketing, bonuses and member rates for travelers who book through hotel websites. “It’s about cost and about who owns the guest.” Travel agents, too, will see initiatives designed to encourage direct booking. Get the full story at Travel Market Report