Independent Preferred Hotels & Resorts launched a 60-day promotion called "We Appreciate You," which offers intermediaries an 11% commission and 150,000 I Prefer Reward Points for programs in excess of $100,000 in room revenue that are booked by April 1 and have contracts that close by July 30. Elaine Macy, Preferred Hotels executive vice president of global group sales, said reducing commissions may be "the wave of the future for larger chains," while it is still very early to tell. "Looking ahead, I believe we will see that most large franchise brands will reduce commissions across the board and then have some type of back-end volume bonus for the major third-party planners to reimburse them for lost commission," Macy said. "While it is unfortunate and doesn't have any heart, I do see the business sense for these large chains as they try to take in pure volume based on the number of hotels they have and cut out the smaller independent planners." Get the full story at Travel Weekly Read also "Marriott cutting commissions on group bookings" and "What corporate travel is saying about Marriott’s commission cut"