eRevMax solutions are used by over 20000 properties worldwide which in itself is a testimony of the benefits that the RateTiger and Connect solutions provide to its users. The US$1.7 billion revenue was generated by a cumulative 4.54 million new reservations that eRevMax processed across various channels, equating to $374 for each booking. "Our 2-way XML integration with leading online sales channels and hotel management systems means we can offer our hotel customers a seamless booking experience, which has been reflected in the numbers. We expect these numbers to grow 5X with our new web-based LIVE dashboard which integrates business processes improvement across multiple 3rd party systems delivered on a single platform to simplify complex day to day revenue management activities. The eRevMax LIVE Network provides integrated rate recommendations, direct booking support, meta-search and payment processing for improved ROI including cost reduction as we all measurable revenue growth. Not only does it mean less hassle and more revenue for hotels, it also brings better business to our channel partners as we help to match market demand with relevant hotel products," said Greg Berman, Chief Operating Officer at eRevMax. eRevMax has launched LIVE, its next generation distribution and analytics solution, at WTM London recently. The LIVE platform incorporates the RateTiger and Connect product lines, and merges detailed Competitive Rate Intelligence & Business Analytics with two-way XML channel connectivity for real-time rate and inventory updates coordinated with booking delivery into hotel third party systems. Related Link: eRevMax