At this years WIT Hospitality conference in Hong Kong, Blanca Menchaca (COO and co-founder, BeMyGuest) said hotels have so much to learn. “You have the funds, capacity, data… [but] you won’t use it in a way that disrupts.” She was quick to emphasize that hotels should hire expertise rather than attempt to learn and ‘do it’ themselves. “Stop trying to learn and hire people that already understand what’s happening because the digital space is changing so fast.” Eric Gnock Fah (Co-founder, Klook) concurred, saying that there is nothing more critical than the team you build. Expanding in Asia for example, comes down to building a team with strong local knowledge but a global mindset. Admittedly, ‘innovation’ is difficult unless you understand how to identify where the opportunities to innovate actually are. Roland Yau (Managing Partner, Cocoon Ignite Ventures Hong Kong) suggested looking at how entrepreneurs interpret the hospitality industry. Once you know what the existing models are, how to you improve upon those methods? Pick systems apart and see what can be changed. Otherwise, identify “green field areas in existing industries” that can now be built upon because of technology. Crucially, hoteliers must also adopt a strategic method to measure successes and failures. Patrick Sin (Director of Marketing, Sales and Revenue, Hotel ICON) outlined how different experiments should be tracked online through channels like guest feedback before and after a change is implemented. It must be monitored and evaluated in a systematic way. Get the full story at WIT