Millennials - also called Generation Y and commonly defined as people born between 1982 and 1999, and with 80 million-plus members - is one of the fastest-growing segments of consumers, including consumers of travel. A lot of traits are used to describe the psychographics of millennials, but as with most age categories, it’s a group with both specific characteristics as well as many variables that can’t be generalized. “We always believed millennials would be minimalists and would prefer form and style over substance, but everything I’ve seen and read says that’s not true,” said Robert J. Habeeb, president and COO of First Hospitality Group and a Hotel News Now columnist. “Millennials have the same sense of luxury that other generations do. They like luxury. They like being pampered. The biggest difference is they’ve grown up in an environment where they can buy (luxury) on a flash sale.” Their reliance on technology is often cited as a key descriptor. In fact, millennials are the first generation that has had technology and the Internet as a persistent part of their lives. Get the full story at HotelNewsNow Read also "Travel preferences determine how to market to Millennials"