1. David Hart, President & CEO of Hart Hotels: “Airbnb has certainly gained a foothold in the industry and is a growing segment of lodging inventory. We’re reacting to its growth as we do with any other competitor in keeping our standards, service, cleanliness and product quality razor-sharp. Our hotels were developed based on a specific price point and we work very hard to maintain and gradually increase that price point over time by creating a great price/value proposition.” 2. Larry Korman, President of AKA: “With the current hotel boom in places like New York City, some are saying that the future of hospitality is extended stay – the revenues of a hotel with the limited-service low costs of a residence. According to researcher Mark Skinner of The Highland Group, in London, there has been a major growth in serviced residences and they now comprise over 40% of the market.” Get the full story at USA Today