We live in exciting times. I believe we will look back on this period as the age of technological entrepreneurship. Technology is allowing entrepreneurs to both invent new experiences and to challenge the way we are used to doing things by reimagining them. Never have we seen so many successful technology businesses – inside and outside of travel – being launched so rapidly. I have recently been following some interesting debates around whether hotels should utilise a cloud-based, ‘instant’ website creator solution to rapidly launch their (new) website and subsequently maintain it themselves, or if they should engage a third-party website developer/agency to build a custom-made website from the ground up. There are hundreds of thousands of hotels in the world with websites that are severely impacting those hotels’ ability to attract and convert guests online. These websites are not responsive on mobile, they are image-poor, they lack functionality, the content is dated because it is too hard and time-consuming to keep it up-to-date, and they are lacking the structural components used by search engines to find them. In short, they are essentially invisible on search engines like Google. So, what options do hotels have to bring their shopfronts into the light, attract guests and compete effectively against other hotels and also OTAs for the guest booking? Get the full story at SiteMinder