Similar to HotelTonight’s model, Hong Kong-headquarted HotelQuickly lets users book “last minute” hotel rooms at heavily discounted prices, via an iOS, BB10 and Android app. Specifically, the app presents a list of up to 6 curated offers, based on a user’s location, which are only available for booking on the same day. Meanwhile, the draw for hotels that partner with HotelQuickly is that it offers an efficient way to shift spare inventory without eating into their existing market or diminishing their brand via overt discounting. Notably, however, HotelTonight, from which HotelQuickly surely took its inspiration, has yet to enter Asia, despite talking up its aim for “geographic ubiquity,” name checking the region in particular after it raised a further $45 million in a Series D round. Instead, HotelQuickly counts Agoda, a Priceline-owned online travel agent, as its main competitor. “They are controlling the market to a large extent, making customers think they have the best prices,” HotelQuickly co-founder and CEO Tomas Laboutka tells me. “However, our rates are on average 28% cheaper than what they manage to offer, and luckily, more and more users seem to realize that they can save a good amount of money by booking last minute.” Get the full story at TechCrunch