In a new multimedia marketing campaign, the Dallas-based company has partnered with extreme athlete and stuntman JT Holmes for an on the fly (literally) demonstration, booking a hotel while in free-fall. In a live-action video available on YouTube, while flying 15,000 feet above Lake Tahoe, Holmes says he's going to book a room at a hotel directly below him while in free-fall, though he admits "it may be late." Upon landing at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa & Casino, a hotel employee confirms Holmes' just-booked reservation. The stunt is replayed in a 30-second commercial featuring Hotels. com's clay-animated spokescharacter, Smart, and a companion, who are shown in mid-free fall booking a room at a hotel below. The commercial being a fictionalized take on a real event, the spokescharacters' landing is a bit smoother than Holmes. Get the full story at MediaPost