The comedic campaign follows the character as he literally “runs” for office, jogging throughout various states in the U.S. in which he will use to book his stays. Various posts on Twitter and a mobilized digital hub will feature a variety of campaign-related content to accompany the television spots, creating an immersive story experience. “There is a lot of value in promoting a campaign like Captain Obvious on social media,” said Ashley Poynter, chief storytelling officer at Macon Raine. “This particular campaign is timely and relevant, so it is almost engaging by default. “By weaving together a cohesive campaign through a Twitter account and branded hashtags supported by TV spots and Web content, they are providing snackable content that can be easily shared on social networks while reinforcing the message via other channels,” she said. “While social campaigns can be educational, many consumers are following brands simply for entertainment value; they follow brands that make them laugh and have unique personalities online. “This campaign hits the spot by leveraging social media to piggyback on the election, a highly viral topic that people are already talking about, and adding a funny, amusing twist.” Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer