"Interestingly enough, the gap between the highest and lowest spenders has a difference of $87 for just one night's stay," said Taylor L. Cole, APR, travel expert for Hotels.com. Who is visiting the U.S.: in spite of a relatively high price per room per night and a stronger U.S. dollar, the Big Apple remains the most popular destination for Canada, the U.K. and Australia over many other international cities. Who is spending the most to come to the U.S.: an eclectic mix of nations made it in the Top 10 with travelers from Australia, Argentina and the Philippines in addition to our visitors from South Africa, Japan, Norway, the U.K. and Switzerland. Who is spending the least: travelers from Central America, including Venezuela, Honduras and Costa Rica, managed to stretch their budgets the furthest for a night's stay in the U.S. Get the full story at Hotel Online