has launched a Facebook ad playfully catering to the default silence in users' news feeds. In "The Piano," Captain Obvious, the hotel aggregator's mascot, sits playing the piano while subtitles that flash across the screen read, "Ads autoplay silently on Facebook, which is good for you because I don't know how to play the piano." If users turn the sound on, they hear that Captain Obvious is just indiscriminately hitting keys. The subtitles go on to say that while the captain doesn't know how to play, he does, however, know that users can get 10 percent off their first stay when they download the app. hopes the sly humor of the ad will make users enable the video rather than scrolling past. "Brands will always be looking for ways to innovate and break through with Facebook. Our campaign represents our own attempt to maximize impact while playing by the rules of the platform," says Mike Wolfe, senior director of brand marketing for "Our objective with our silent ad campaign was to increase breakthrough, and ultimately engagement with our audience." Get the full story at ClickZ and Digiday