For many hotel brands, facilitating these connections is part and parcel with their efforts to be “experience platforms” or to be known for more than just being a place where you stay when you travel. Leveraging technology in this way helps them serve as modern-day community centers for travelers and locals alike, and helps them fill their lobbies and bars with paying patrons. Marriott’s Moxy earlier this month announced a brand partnership with Bumble, a location-based app primarily known for dating, but also extends to business networking, which markets itself as a “female-first networking app.” The venture designates participating Moxy hotels throughout the U.S. as “BumbleSpots,” where Bumble app users are encouraged to meet one another. Whether to encourage dating, networking, or simply shared travel experiences, all of these various apps share the same objective: to bring people together, and to do so in spaces that are designed just for that — the hotel. Get the full story at Skift