A Focus on Local The reason why so many people use Airbnb - the site forecasted more than 100 million stays in 2017 alone — is because it puts customers in the heart of the local area. Rather than feel like outsiders or tourists, guests can instead stay in a real person’s home and live life as though they, too, are a resident. Hotels can’t provide as bespoke of a living situation, but they can shift their focus from a uniform experience from location to location. Now, it’s all about incorporating a local feel into your property or properties. You can undoubtedly do this through the décor, too, by working with local artisans to bring in furniture, artwork and other elements made by those in the town or city. To complete the picture, your staff should be knowledgeable about the area and its gems, chain restaurants and shops not included. Infuse your on-site dining or drinking options with local flavors and favorites, too. Get the full story at Hotel Online