CBRE Hotels’ Americas Research recently released its 2017 edition of Trends in the Hotel Industry and, perhaps, the biggest trend in the report is that U.S. hotels are being much smarter about their finances than ever before. “The one expense item that really stood out was the 6.8 percent increase in commission payments made to travel agents, OTAs, and other intermediaries,” said Woodworth. “This is consistent with what we are hearing from our clients.” This data seems to suggest that, despite the major direct booking pushes made by the hotels within the last year, that their efforts may not necessarily be curbing the amount of commissions they are paying to third-party distribution channels. Or, perhaps, the intermediaries are charging higher commission rates. Another possible reason for this increase in expenses could be that more group business is also being booked through a third party such as a HelmsBriscoe or a Cvent. Get the full story at Skift