Lifestyle Marketing has become its own acronym: "LOHAS - Lifestyles Of Health and Sustainability -- is a trend hoteliers are just beginning to understand and embrace. Design and Operations will be driven by this trend for years to come," comments Ray Burger, President of Pineapple Hospitality.

Marketing to lifestyle is not a matter of the size of a hotel or its budget….it’s demanded by every customer. That’s why easyJet, easyCruise and easyHotel have exploded in usage by the international niche they serve at a budget level. That’s why adventure travel is accompanied by the simultaneous growth and awareness of the ecological movement. That’s why condo hotels have become branded with the big three in the hospitality industry: Hilton, Marriott and Starwood.

A phenomenon of client loyalty is a condition and demand; digital interactive communications proliferate in an era in which 25-30% of business is done through web sites. TravelCLICK has transformed this reality with iStay: a revolutionary web booking engine that puts the guest in control of the online shopping experience "iStay redefines the way hotels drive revenue through their websites," said Robert Post, President and CEO at TravelCLICK. "Capturing incremental revenue at the time of booking increases the emotional value of the stay for the guest and the economic value of the stay for the hotel."

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