Last summer the Flamingo, along with nearly all of its sister properties in Vegas, decided to give people the chance to decline having their rooms cleaned in exchange for a voucher. Familiar with the card in the room suggesting guests reuse their towels and sheets to help the environment, travelers never heard of hotels eliminating housekeeping altogether. But more and more are doing just that, and extending rebates, hotel points and other perks for those who take them up on their offer. It’s a smart business move, industry experts say. “A lot of hotels were becoming more aware of what consumers like,” said Adam Weissenberg, the global leader of travel and hospitality for Deloitte, in Parsippany, N.J. “They received criticism from younger travelers. ‘This is ridiculous that they’re changing my towels and sheets every day. I don’t need that, it does harm the environment.’” Get the full story at The New York Times