According to a study on hotel-amenity usage published by the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research earlier this month, while almost half of U.S. travelers visit hotels with the expectation of using on-site gym equipment, just 22% end up doing so. What's more, it seems that the wealthier the guest, the less likely he or she is to go to the hotel gym; fewer than 40% of the people who said they would use a luxury hotel's fitness center actually made good on those plans. The study cited data from 33 hotels across six brands that are part of an unidentified "global company that operates midscale, upscale and luxury brands." "When people budget their time when they travel, the fitness center tends to be one of the first activities to go," said Chekitan Dev, associate professor at Cornell's SC Johnson College of Business and one of the report's authors. He added that as the overall quality of fitness equipment rises, "now, facilities in the home are nicer, and hotels are playing catch-up." Get the full story at Travel Weekly