There are some companies that are taking a run at this very simple concept: The Aloft brand’s emoji room service program would be a good example. But at the same time, this shouldn’t be the sole territory of the most forward-thinking brands when it comes to tech, and widespread adoption shouldn’t necessarily rely on things like emojis, which seems gimmicky compared to a more straightforward, widespread adoption of this concept. That’s the first thing that occurs to me, but I’m sure that’s not the only instance that crafty and tech-savvy hotel companies could anticipate my needs and capitalize on that to generate revenue. And even if it was a bit more expensive, I’d be more apt to stay at the hotel that I knew could streamline my life in my moment of need. This should serve as a reminder for hoteliers that the need for instant gratification and mobile thinking shouldn’t be confined to the beginning of the process. I don’t check out from using my smartphone after booking the hotel or even after unlocking my door. Get the full story at Hotel News Now