When the typical person thinks "first class" in terms of air travel, things like a bigger seat, more legroom, and better service come to mind. But Middle Eastern carrier Etihad Airways is making ordinary first class look like the cattle car with its three-room suite. According to Businessweek, the suite will cost $43,000 on certain flights (yes, that's more than a starting-level Mercedes-Benz) and will contain its own private bathroom. Although the 125-square-foot suite would make for a small hotel room, it's certainly a step up from economy class or even the larger first class seats on other aircraft. But Etihad Airways isn't the only carrier to push the limits of air travel luxury. Air France-KLM (NASDAQOTH: AFRAF ) has unveiled its "La Premiere" suite designed to be a step up from standard first class layouts. At 32 square feet, Air France-KLM's offering is significantly smaller the Etihad's skybox but still remains an improvement over traditional airline luxury. Featuring a lie-flat seat, hotel linens, a privacy curtain, a 24-inch touchscreen, and four windows, Air France-KLM's suite is definitely ready to compete for the travel revenue of the super rich. Get the full story at Fool.com