Consumer expectations for recommendations have increased thanks to companies like Airbnb offering local residences and, more recently, local experiences through their platform. To keep up with the shifting desires of travelers, hotels are attempting to integrate more personalized and localized expertise into their services. This week, Hilton announced it has partnered with Foursquare to create a new feature on its existing app Hilton Honors. Tapping Foursquare might seem out of left field, but this is what the app that made you mayor of your favorite bar does now; the company pivoted from consumer app to a location-aware platform that sells data to companies, such as Hilton. The new feature, Explore, will allow guests to see a feed of recommendations from Hilton employees who live in the area. Recommendations will include food, nightlife, shopping, and activities. The suggestions will be curated based on the type of trip a traveler is on, be it a business trip, family vacation, or couple’s getaway. Essentially, whatever information you expected out of a concierge will now be on your phone. Get the full story at Vox