The study found that while trademark usage by non-brand advertisers was less common on Google and Google Mobile, it was still high on other search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo and AOL. “In this study, we weren’t looking at key words like ‘Hilton Chicago’, but just at the brand name itself, as well as variations of that such as misspellings. These are very core search terms that brands should be protective of, so we expected to see a somewhat lower number of OTA ads, and that’s generally what we saw. “There was a very low incidence of OTAs advertising using the brand’s trademark on Google and Google Mobile, but we still saw quite a bit on other search engines – particularly Bing, Yahoo and AOL. It seems that hotel brands are doing some sort of monitoring on Google, but not necessarily on the others,” said BrandVerity’s Sam Engel. Get the full story at BigHospitality and download the study at BrandVerity