In 2014, and again this year, revenue managers were asked the question: which of the following ancillary revenues can your revenue management system account for? Back in 2014, food and beverage was the most measured type of ancillary revenue. Today, however, it is more popular for RM systems to measure meetings, incentives, conferences & exhibitions (MICE), and room & service upgrades, with 45.8% and 43.8% of respondents respectively tracking these categories. (Just for the record, MICE is a segment that many travel brands are tapping into – See Expedia, Marriott and MICE on the run, EyeforTravel, July 19, 2017) In both categories – MICE and room & service – the report finds that the number of systems measuring revenues increased by more than 10%. In an interesting sign where the industry is headed, the tracking of tours, experiences and packages more than doubled, proving that hotel management is not only recognising this as an important revenue stream, but also as a service for customers. Get the full story at EyeForTravel