“We’re far more open to franchising than we used to be. We no longer approach the marketing of a hotel as a choice between having to manage versus agreeing to franchise. We’ve become much more agnostic,” said Silverman, Marriott’s CDO for North America, full-service hotels. “We’ve come to fully embrace the idea that franchisees can operate our hotels effectively. There’s such a wealth of talented owners who are managing hotels as franchisees,” said Fortier, Hilton’s SVP for development in the Americas. The change in mindset seemed to dovetail with the move of the traditional franchise brands into urban markets, according to Kakarla, HMM president & CEO. “Once the hotel companies started allowing urban franchising, the door was open to franchising other brands in the portfolio, including the lifestyle brands favored by the up-and-coming Millennial generation,” he said. Get the full story at Hotel Management