The hotel booking experience can be a cumbersome task that requires many steps to complete, however this does not have to be the case. Here are a few things to consider: 1. Reduce friction in the booking funnel by eliminating unnecessary steps: Many hotel sites try and upsell ancillary products during the booking process, which can often lead to cart abandonment. Hotels should compare the profit opportunity from these up sells to the conversion impact from additional booking steps. It may be better to offer ancillary products on the confirmation page or through the confirmation and pre-trip emails. 2. Reduce the paradox of choice by limiting offers and room types: Guests typically book three or four primary offers, and two or three room types. Reducing the number of decisions a guest has to make will allow them to more easily navigate the booking funnel and will reduce cart abandonment. 3. Minimize the number of mandatory fields at checkout: Is it essential to collect a phone number at the time of booking? How important is listing the country of residence? Reducing the amount of information required will lead to hire funnel conversion rates, and this data can be collected at check-in. Get the full story at CIO Review