To lure young travelers, Marriott has created the hotel brand Moxy, which doesn't cater to guests, but "fun-hunters," according to Marriott's global brand officer Tina Edmundson. What's the difference between a guest and a fun-hunter? "They're really excited, they're full of life, they want to discover new things," says Edmundson. To cater to this, Moxy offers communal spaces, where guests can take in a Foosball session, or a game of Cards Against Humanity. Rooms are laid out differently, with no closet space, and bathrooms that are larger and more luxurious than a standard hotel room. "The majority of guests that are traveling on business don't unpack," she explains. "They don't want the cookie-cutter experience. They're looking for something new; they're looking for authenticity." Get the full story at CNN