JetBlue’s recent decision to get into dynamic packaging, and to do so without handing off the project to a company like Expedia, NLG or Mark Travel, does not rate as a “shot heard ‘round the world.”

But it does say much about the evolution of suppliers’ Web sites and the challenges they pose to online agencies and wholesalers.

JetBlue signed a five-year contract with EzRez Software to provide the carrier with dynamic-packaging technology so JetBlue can offer its flights bundled with hotel, car and - possibly - cruise inventory starting this summer.

EzRez will provide the technology, and JetBlue will establish direct relationships with suppliers. You see, JetBlue, which dropped out of its last GDS distributor, Sabre, on Jan. 1, has this thing about control.

The low-cost carrier wants to eliminate the middleman and promote JetBlue packages, not vacations of the one-size-fits-all variety. In striking out on its own, JetBlue snubbed the Expedia WWTE private-label service. WWTE will continue to provide JetBlue with car and hotel inventory on a piecemeal basis but won’t do dynamic packaging for the popular airline.

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