Hotels have added a new place to see and be seen: the bathroom.

Embracing a phenomenon that started in Europe, some boutique-hotel designers are exposing a corner of the room long deemed private -- plopping tubs down next to the bed, installing glass walls between the bathroom and sleeping area, even removing parts of the dividing walls altogether.

The new Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Ariz., where prices start at $289, features bathtubs in the middle of some of its bedrooms. After renovations are completed in April, the Sofitel in Los Angeles will reopen with bed and bath areas separated by nothing more than long glass panels. At New York's Hotel on Rivington, which opened last year, many showers not only can be seen from the bedroom, but have sweeping windows that let bathers peer at the city, and vice versa. At the newest W hotel, in Montreal, the only thing that comes between the bed and bath areas is a curtain, and it's transparent. The W also lets guests peek into the bathroom from each room's private entryway, thanks to a peephole in the wall.

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