Joe Buser is having a busy summer.

His Littleton-based company specializes in cleaning and deodorizing hotel rooms, and business is booming. Requests to turn smoking rooms into smoke-free rooms have grown from 10 to 80 a month.

Buser is on the receiving end of a national trend toward smoke-free hotel rooms and public facilities.

Westin Hotels & Resorts in January became the first U.S. chain to go 100 percent smoke-free. Marriott International followed that lead, announcing Wednesday that all of its 2,300 North American hotels would go smoke- free, starting in September.

The hotel chains took these moves voluntarily, citing declining demand for smoking rooms nationwide.

In Colorado, the statewide smoking ban enacted in March accelerated the trend. The law required that 75 percent of all Colorado hotel rooms be smoke-free by July 1, along with all lobbies, reception areas and common areas, such as pools.

"Every property has an issue with smoke," said Buser, who owns the Colorado franchise of a company called National Appeal. "When I call people now, they listen to what I have to say."

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