A luxury hotel chain that’s aimed squarely at millennials, W Hotels knows its way around an influencer campaign. This brand genuinely engages with what’s happening in the 29 destinations where it has hotels, as evidenced on The Angle - a microsite dedicated to fashion, music, design and parties. The chain, always closely affiliated with music, started rolling out Sound Suites in late-2017: private recording studios within their hotels. Teaming up with the experimental and provocative musician St Vincent, they’ve produced a 3-part video series “Secrets of the Sound Suite” at W Hotels in Seattle, Barcelona and Hollywood. The latter is the boldest iteration within the series, and has proved the most popular, racking up nearly 944k views on W Hotels worldwide YouTube channel. However, the distribution strategy for the series relied heavily on paid YouTube advertising, meaning there’s very little engagement beyond mere views (just 33 likes and 0 comments), and no organic reach. The 2-minute video is neatly bookended by St Vincent talking about her on-stage persona; which allows for gratuitous shots of her zipping up impossibly-long, pvc stiletto boots as a memorable final image. Some of the shots are rather staged (I can just about believe she plays the guitar cross-legged in a leopard-print onesie, but she’s pretty rubbish at pretending to be asleep), and the product placements of W’s brand partner, Coca-Cola, are irritating; but on the whole the collaboration rings true. Whereas some influencer videos shoehorn a mention of the hotel into a destination piece, St Vincent convincingly links the hotel to the LA music scene and its “studio culture”. Get the full story at The Drum Read also "Hotels deal with influx of influencers"