Mediakix’s “wanderingggirl” account, through which it tested the hotels, had already been revealed as a fake last summer. The whole account is nothing but a collection of stock photos and paid-for followers. This was not a quiet reveal, either. It was a big story, and multiple people used the reveal to both mock the idea of brands following for the ruse and astonishment at the amount of money an account can earn on such a deal. According to Mediakix, Instagram never actually deleted the wanderingggirl account. So they decided to use “her” to continue testing the whole “what will people do for Instagrammers and a bit of online cred” question. You wouldn’t think anyone would actually want to do business with the account anymore. All it would take for anyone to find out the Instagrammer in question wasn’t a real person who’d be snapping selfies in their rooms would be a quick online search. Even if they were willing to cut a deal with a fake account, you’d think hotels would stay away from a ‘Grammer known first and foremost for exposing brands’ gullibility and willingness to throw money away on anyone with enough followers. Get the full story at TNW Read also "Hotels deal with influx of influencers"