One strategy is using “fences,” also known as closed user groups, to segment a hotel’s customer base and offer promotions to specific groups of people within that fence. Online travel agencies have long used the tactic successfully, targeting a consumer group and giving those travelers access to an offer that non-affiliated general consumers wouldn’t receive. Now suppliers are toying with the strategy. “The idea makes perfect sense,” said Michael Hraba, project manager and communications for Waterford Hotels & Inns. “You could even fence for location, like a deal for anyone at the nearby airport. That's a fantastic idea.” Some popular examples of fenced promotions include offering discounts or value adds for last-minute customers or loyalty members. This is how hotels can give HotelTonight, for example, deeply discounted room inventory. “The argument has been (HotelTonight) is fenced because it’s application-based; someone has to go to the iTunes store and download the app, and that makes them different,” said Calvin Anderson, corporate director of revenue strategy for Alliance Hospitality. Get the full story at