Thousands of hotels are said to be participating in the program, including Soho in New York City, Calamigos Guest Ranch in Malibu, Hotel Triton in San Francisco, and the Orlando Hotel in Los Angeles. You can find the hotels that offer these discounts by looking for an HT Perks badge next to their listing. There are three tiers to the HT Perks program. Level 1, which is applied to anyone who has spent $100, provides further discounted rates on hotel rooms. Level 2 is awarded to customers who’ve spent $750 and builds on the previous tier with a 5 percent additional discount, along with additional offers and “surprises” to encourage more adventures. Lastly, those who spend $5,000 achieve Level 3, which adds to Level 1 a 10 percent additional discount and includes exclusive offers and surprises, along with VIP customer support — complete with a dedicated phone number. Everyone is automatically enrolled in the program, and there’s no need to sign up or pay membership dues. What’s more, you can use the discounts any time you like — there are no blackout or expiration dates. Get the full story at VentureBeat