Shank’s presentation was a decidedly ambitious, exciting look at what could be in the world of hotel experience. The idea of a fully integrated experience delivered by a raft of interoperable experiences was painted at its broadest, so a traveler may have this sort of experience within the HotelTonight mobile app: - Traveler opens app and has a Lyft pickup triggered. - Arrival at the hotel is tracked via GPS so the hotel is ready for arrival. - Upon walking into the lobby, a favorite track from Spotify plays. - The guest is pinged with a room number and access card, and then is directed to the specific room – with on-site navigation. - The door lights up, and the guest uses the phone to enter. - Nest integration imports thermostat settings for the guest. - Hungry guests can open the app and order Grubhub. - Fully automated folio at the end of the trip. Get the full story at Tnooz