“The online travel space is experiencing tremendous mobile growth, and much of it is being fueled by tablet-specific users,” said Pierre-Etienne Chartier, vice president at Hotwire. “In fact, Hotwire’s tablet hotel transactions are not only increasing significantly, they’re starting to overtake smartphones. “We also know that mobile users mostly book last-minute deals,” he said. “Hotwire launched its iPad app to better serve the specific needs of this expanding customer base. “Taking what we learned about the mobile booker from our iPhone launch, we enhanced features across the board with this app, with a big focus on speed and ease of use. Now users can log-in with pre-stored data, and sorting and refining on the app is instantaneous. Our map tool is also more insightful than ever. The good news for iPhone and iPod touch users is that we’ll also be refreshing that app with the same new and improved experience.” Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily