As part of a new branding strategy launched this month, Hotwire is supporting mobile users’ last-minute booking needs and desire for discounts in the latest update of its mobile applications. “In general, it seems that travelers today feel more comfortable booking both on-the-go and at the last minute,” said a Hotwire exec. “In fact, we’ve experienced a 60 percent year over year increase in mobile reservations. Plus, 70 percent of people who are using our mobile app to make their hotel reservation are doing so for same day arrivals.” The discount travel Web site spoke with Hotwire and non-Hotwire travelers to find out what is most important to them and learned it all comes back to the deal. As such, Hotwire refreshed its iOS and Android apps to align with a new brand campaign launched on Tuesday, June 2, centered on the power of the deal. With that refresh comes a quicker, much sleeker and sophisticated experience for travelers with new app features including: maps on details and confirmation, photos on confirmation, deal messaging on details and confirmation, and a new home page. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily