THE dawn of the Internet Age and the rise of low-cost carriers may have revolutionised the travel market over the past decade. But when you are essentially an intermediary in the business, the trends would seem a bit ominous, with travellers today booking directly on airlines' own websites and budget airlines typically eschewing the middleman. Robert Bailey, president and chief executive officer of Abacus International, couldn't be more upbeat, however, about prospects for the travel market and for his company - an intermediary provider of travel solutions and services. "The good news for travel in Asia is - this is stimulating travel, because it's enabling people who have never travelled before to travel; it's creating incremental business on top of the traditional carriers' business, and it's addressing this rapid growth in wealth and disposable incomes, in middle-class people who are interested in travel and certainly able to pay for travel because it's a price point that they can afford. So it's stimulating a whole new set of travellers who will then come back and typically they go up the value chain to more expensive, more adventurous (options) and that benefits the existing players and other elements in the industry. So it's a virtuous circle there." Get the full story at The Business Times Singapore