Over the last five years, travel bookings have increasingly shifted to online and mobile formats, making effective digital advertising key to every hotel brand’s marketing strategy. Given this shift, Accor wanted to make sure its hotels were the first stop in consumers’ online hunt for accommodations. For Accor, this meant driving increased traffic to its sites, increasing click-through rates (CTR) and ultimately increasing the prominence of its brand in the fragmented landscape of keyword searches. Accor looked to engage potential customers by making its hotel search efforts as seamless as possible while also making them aware of relevant promotions. To do so, the company started using Google Ad Extensions, including site links and enhanced sitelinks, seller ratings, social annotations, Image Extensions, Call Extensions and Location Extensions. Specifically, Accor first focused on campaigns that had high search volumes to garner the most impactful conclusions during the test period.1 In doing so, Accor was able to pinpoint successful extensions for the company’s products and respective markets, which vary across the world. Once the extension was a proven success, Accor rolled it out to other campaigns and markets. Get the full story at Google Think with Google