Because of its vast complexity and reliance on a large quantity of data, hotel distribution is one area of the travel sector that has the potential to be greatly improved by artificial intelligence. In today’s hotel distribution landscape, inventory information such as rates and availability data are passed from one party to another through a variety of methods, including manual data entry, channel manager, and direct connectivity. As a result, the hotel distribution systems today are like a bunch of old and new machines duct-taped together. Artificial intelligence has the potential to change this by improving communications, discovery, and customer service among travel providers, travel agents, and travelers they’re looking to reach. Artificial intelligence also creates an incentive to consolidate data. And while the current AI technology is still in an early stage, it’s moving faster than many realize. Soon, thanks to Google Cloud AutoML and other efforts, companies of all sizes will be putting cutting-edge AI algorithms to use. Get the full story at Skift