Airbnb said it’ll give these clubs access to grassroots organizing training, tools, and support, along with providing a dedicated staffer that will own the relationship between the company and a club. Lehane said that Airbnb will develop additional tools for its community, including establishment of a digital platform, offering host advisors, and more. In a way, you might think of these home-sharing clubs as being akin to a Political Action Committee (PAC) aimed at convincing cities that this way of life isn’t bad. Calling it an attack on the middle class mostly led by the hotel industry, Airbnb has vigorously defended itself against Proposition F. But in the aftermath of a lengthy battle where the company spent more than $8 million to convince San Francisco voters that the ballot measure is a bad deal, some takeaways came out of it. Lehane noted that when push comes to shove, Airbnb’s 138,000 hosts and guests in San Francisco mobilized to defend homesharing. “We did some pretty incredible things over the course of the campaign because of the community. It turned out in the election,” he said. Get the full story at VentureBeat Read also "Airbnb spent $8m to campaign against limiting its service in San Francisco and won" at The Next Web and "Airbnb, Proposition F and the shared hypocrisy of Bay Area housing" at TechCrunch