When Airbnb hired Jonathan Mildenhall as CMO in early 2014, he was VP integrated marketing communication and design excellence for Coca-Cola North America, a role that would hitherto have been considered one of the best in marketing, perhaps the pinnacle of a career. He chose to move to Airbnb. The reasons he did so crystallize the fundamental shifts in marketing caused by the digital revolution. The exponential growth of people traveling on Airbnb in the last 12 months seems to indicate that renting properties is becoming a norm. Though, of course it's more popular in some markets than others, the task of convincing people to change traveling behavior appears to be well under way. In part, this success brings with it the next challenge for the company and in particular, Mildenhall, in that if you have 50 million guests but only 1.5 million property listings, you’re going to need more properties. "I’ve got to get more and more people to want to put their homes on Airbnb," Mildenhall says. "This is a much, much greater commitment, a much bigger leap of faith than traveling on Airbnb. So what I'm working on right now is the communication, the marketing, the explanation, the motivation to not just help people form the opinion that they’d be comfortable putting their homes on Airbnb, but also help everybody understand the values and the benefits of hosting." Get the full story at Fast Company