Amadeus listened to what corporations, travel agents and travelers in the region had to say when it comes to hotel bookings. When the company asked travel agencies what hoteliers could do to improve their business, the TAs said that they needed competitive and negotiated rates because ability to comply with corporate customers policy and cost control requirements were considered the as the main values of the TA selling channel. There was also a fear of booking an ‘unknown’ hotel for a regular customer; as agents felt that they risked losing their custom if the unknown hotel turned out to be “terrible”! Agents in certain markets also feared that hotels might not recognize customer reservations – while they admitted that this was uncommon, when it does happen, it’s exceedingly painful. And finally, agents were worried that they would not be paid for customer hotel bookings – and the perception of commission ‘chasing’ as a result. We asked corporations in the region the same question: what can hoteliers do to grow their business with you? Corporations told us they wanted three things: control, care, and content. Firstly, control. Corporations wanted to be able to book a hotel with the right rate, at a price that conforms to their internal travel policies. Secondly, they want their travellers to feel cared for. A common issue was that travelers needed more choice while still complying with the travel policy restrictions, and wanted a more personalized experience. And lastly, content. Corporations want content that is relevant to their needs, and the ability to book it through their travel agency or corporate self-booking tool rather than having to go direct to the hotel, which takes more time. Armed with this feedback from travel agents and corporations, Amadeus defined our hotel approach, which focused on empowerment, local ownership, customization, and a support framework. Get the full story at Amadeus