Travel Market Report spoke with Stuart McReynolds, vice president and general manager of service delivery, to get his take on how American Express GBT made the transition—and what it has meant for agents and clients alike. How dramatic has the shift been to the home-based model? McReynolds: We’ve had agents working from home for the past decade or so, but the majority made the move in just the past two or three years. We closed about 15 centers in 2013 and all but about 1% chose to make the transition to working at home. How extensive is this home-based workforce and how is it organized? McReynolds: Our home-based agents number about 2,000 and are in 48 states. Typically there is a team leader for every 15 or 18 counselors and they are home-based as well. This is very important because the team leaders have a greater degree of empathy and understanding if they are working virtually themselves. Get the full story at Travel Market Report