Previous versions of Safari allowed users to swipe down the Notification Centre from the top edge of a device. However, in iOS 7, Safari takes full advantage of all four edges of a user's device. Gestures have been incorporated that let you swipe from left to right to navigate back through the browser history, and from right to left to navigate forward through it. You can also swipe from the bottom up to access the new Control Center. if you are using any kind of slide-out navigation, you'll need to reassess the implementation. To avoid breaking the user experience, you now need to trigger the navigation "on touch" rather than "on edge pull". You also have to revisit the way you use image carousels on your site. If the images are displayed with little or no padding, a visitor may start swiping them at the very edge of the screen, triggering the iOS back/forward gesture. Get the full story at Mobify Read also "5 ways Apple’s new iPhone 5C, 5S, and iOS 7 will impact your business"