“I like to think of Europe as potentially like a [theme] park,” says Adrienne Enggist, director of product at Booking.com. “We can help people find the right time to visit so that they don’t have to stand in hour-long queues and they’re not inundated with tourists and not [having] the real experience of the destination and I think there are big data challenges and machine-learning challenges there.” Having a ‘real experience’ in a destination is a big concern for the future it seems: “Travel is now so accessible to so many people which is an awesome thing, but at the same time we’re in this selfie-stick era, [where] everything is mass travel and ticking off the main sights,” says Sophie Parker, director of product. “I really hope that we see a return to authentic travel and people being able to find new places, new things and new experiences that really match them. “I think the rise in user-generated content, with reviews, with AI, with all the data we have about people’s preferences and all of the extremely rich information that we have about destinations and why people travel and when, we can really help people have unique experiences, and that’s what I hope.” Get the full story at the Director Read also "Booking.com explains its new Booking Messages platform"