Researching travel and holiday information on a mobile is rapidly becoming the norm. Whether sat at your office desk, furtively scrolling through dream holidays on your mobile while a spreadsheet pitilessly glares out of your monitor, or pressed up against strangers on your commute home, thumb hovering over the checkout button on’s app, it seems like the small screen is a perfect place to escape. One third of mobile consumers have used their mobile device in the past to make a travel related purchase, including flights, holidays and hotel reservations. This is a purchase, just to be clear, not merely browsing. In fact there has been a 50% increase in mobile use across business and leisure travellers, and it seems that mobile really will be a driving force in the travel industry beyond 2015. The travel industry’s ability to cope with this demand has been impressive, maybe more so than in any other industry. eDigitalResearch has just published a multichannel benchmark (registration required) for the travel sector, revealing that generally the top travel sites are providing equally good desktop and mobile experiences. Coming out at the top is Get the full story at Econsultancy