The algorithm that Facebook uses to determine content in users’ news feeds will not change with the rollout of the revamped news feed, and the social network shared the following marketing tips: - All content, including stories from pages and brands, is becoming more vibrant and will stand out even more. Here is what marketers on Facebook need to know about news feed’s new look: - Think about your visuals: We’ve seen that users respond better to more visual stories in news feed, from both people and pages. Now businesses have an even more visually rich way to showcase content. - Get discovered with “following”: Thanks to a new “following” feed on the right-hand side of the home page, people will be able to discover more content from the pages they like and the people they follow. Stories shown in “following” are shown in chronological order, so public figures and pages have a place where users can see everything they publish. - Make sure your cover photo tells your story: For both organic and paid page like stories, the photo that will be displayed is the page’s cover photo. This change is designed to provide more context about the page, so make sure the photo is eye-catching and visually representative of your page. Get the full story at AllFacebook and Social Media Today