Research by DDB Worldwide and Opinionway Research finds 84% of a typical brand's Facebook fans are existing customers. That makes marketing to the fan base much more like a customer relationship management program than a customer-acquisition tool for most brands, said Justin Kistner, social-media products director of web analytics firm Webtrends. The problem, he said, is that many marketers still don't see Facebook this way. Speaking in a recent Web Analytics Wednesday talk in Cincinnati and a follow-up interview, he said many brands with the biggest followings, such as Coke with nearly 34 million fans, are in high-frequency, low-ticket categories where CRM has never held center stage. And, in part because Facebook ads -- thanks to their placement and lack of graphic frill -- look like search ads, marketers and agencies often think of them like search ads, Mr. Kistner said. "Search is a customer-acquisition tool," Mr. Kistner said. "Facebook really isn't." But while search is largely about people discovering new products and brands, Facebook "is really about staying in touch with the people we know," whether that be real people or brands and customers, Mr. Kistner said. That also makes it very much unlike that other digital darling -- Groupon. Get the full story at Advertising Age