First, Hotel Urbano set out to bring consumers back to their cart to complete their purchase, using dynamic remarketing. Now, every time a site visitor puts something in the Hotel Urbano shopping cart and doesn't buy, the company reaches him or her with a dynamic ad on Google Display Network. The ad uses a custom, multiple-item layout to show the forgone shopping cart item along with a couple of other dynamically recommended items. In addition, the ad's design aligns with the company's website. Second, Hotel Urbano moved up the funnel with its strategy, using dynamic remarketing for mid- and upper-funnel targeting. This involved reaching previous destination searches and vistors to the site's homepage and packaging pages with dynamic ads. Hotel Urbano believes in connecting people to their dreams, to free leisure and to a high quality of life. As a travel company, when Hotel Urbano brings customers back to complete purchases, it is helping these customers take some quality time off. So, the conversions attributed to dynamic remarketing are equally good for Hotel Urbano and its prospective customers. Filippo says, "It's important for people to enjoy more time with family, friends and people they love. We thrive on making that happen." Get the full story at Think with Google