Helping customers complete their reservations quickly and easily is of utmost importance and Carlson Redizor has recognised that some customers need more information before making a final decision. “We’ve worked to make the process streamlined for those who know what they want but also provide easy access to additional information for more inquisitive guests,” explains Gigi Deslauriers-Knop, senior director, Online Strategy and Optimisation, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. Additionally, the group has just completed a redesign of hotel-level websites. With nearly two-thirds of traffic going directly to property-specific sites, it is critical to help customers find what they need immediately. In the journey to analysing each and every step of their online visitors, e-commerce teams must adjust to the evolving booking behaviour of guests while also to be distinctive with design and content. To help them achieve this Carlson partners with an interactive design agency, brand teams and testing experts to blend the best in usability with brand identity and customer response. Cleaner rate displays, comparison pricing grids and promotional calendars, which highlight dates for specific promotions, are just some improvements to the search interface. Additionally, in the third quarter of last year, the group introduced confirmed upgrade bookings on sites. “These offer customers the ability to choose an upgrade while making their reservation and confirming it before arrival,” explains Deslauriers-Knop. Get the full story at EyeForTravel